The discovery of the role the Phenomenon Objective plays in the functioning of the human brain

The discovery of the role the “Phenomenon Objective” plays in the functioning of the human brain.

In more than a thousand individual cases I tried to guide a person to discover:

... which he wanted to adopt as:

Many (though not all) individuals discovered what they really wanted, and they gave my efforts on average a rating of more than 9 out of 10.

In an industrial setting, and many times, I lead a multidisciplinary team to make a new concrete objective for an organisation out of an existing abstract objective. Indeed this process was so powerful that several times a whole group had a EUREKA moment.

The new concrete objective was usually adopted as the new objective for that organisation.
These organisations gave no ratings but often recommended me to other organisations.

I have been successful in this work and many people have told me that they believe my success was due to a special talent.
However I believed that this success was not in fact due to any special talent, but that I was “on to something” that would enable many other people to achieve similar successes.
So I decided to focus my attention on:

To understand why I was so successful I had to find an answer to the question “What is an objective?”
No answer to this question could be found in literature.
So I had to discover:

I presented to about a hundred different groups of people:

After some experiments and discussion, the people in these groups agreed that my description of the “Phenomenon Objective” does indeed describe that which they could observe in their own minds.

On the basis of the discovery of the central role that the “Phenomenon Objective” plays in the conscious part of that what is called “thinking”, I found answers to the following questions over the course of the last 40 years:

The answers I found to these questions are concise…. and precise.

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