The discovery of the role the Phenomenon Objective plays in the functioning of the human brain


Hans Damen
Hans Damen

I studied at the Technical University Delft and chose the specialisation “Chemical Engineering”. Then I worked in chemical factories for some years. This was a very interesting time.

In 1974 I met Hans van Mourik Broekman who was an independent consultant on “innovation”.
He used the knowledge - which is distributed amongst the respective brains of people with different functions and disciplines in a company - to guide these people to the birth of an innovation.

I realised that that was a major part of what I had been doing whilst working in the chemical industry.

I discovered that I had more affection for dealing with people than dealing with technology.
We worked together for quite some time.

Before 1972 Hans van Mourik Broekman had discovered a method for speeding-up deliberations on difficult subjects by a factor of 3 to 10, and sometimes more.

He asked me to find out why this method yielded such good results.

Several years later I concluded that:

We gave the method the name “OPTOFRONIE” (Greek: “optos” = visible ; “fronein” = thinking).

Further qualifications are presented on the LinkedIn site of Hans Damen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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